Dear Allen,

I'd just like to let you know that I think your group is doing a marvelous job preparing for the 50th reunion. It's going to be a grand event and I am awaiting it eagerly. Doris and I have made our hotel reservations beginning on Wednesday through Sunday. We want to savor the time "back home".

Your Saturday Breakfast meetings sound so good and I really enjoy getting the monthly notifications. One of these days I just might be able to "pop" in on one.

Last Sunday, several classmates and spouses got together at Jane (Bolinger) Reed's house in Los Altos. Don and Becky Smith were in town for the Holidays. Joining them for a great dinner were Bob Price and Sandy, John Bedford and Doris, Barbara (Norton) Vandaveer with husband Bob and Carolyn (Hayes) Wesson. It was a warm, yet too short experience with good friends.

Please say hello to all on your group at your next meeting. See you in June!

John Bedford

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