Susan & DuaneWe started out 2007 with Duane at work at Fry’s Signature Store and Susan at work at Wal*Mart. It was work, work, with a short break to see the sights with Jack and Pennie (my sister) on their spring trip to AZ.

We went to CA in May, to see our Biesinger Bunch. We celebrated the three grandkid’s birthdays. It was good to see everyone, also the Shepherds and Aunt LoRee as well as many of our friends.

Late in June, Pennie and I went to KS by way of Tucumcari, NM and Groom, TX and the largest cross in the Western hemisphere.

This is from harvest with me on the combine. What a trip! We visited with Krauses, Grumbeins, Russells, and attended the Grumbein Family Reunion.

We were able to connect again at the Kriesel wedding in Pomona. A couple of times this year the Etheridge “boys” got to attend football games. Merilee and I were included at one of them.

In September, I fell in a furniture store and tore the meniscus in my right knee. The long and short of it is I had surgery on the knee in Nov. and am recovering. The day I was to return to work, Nov. 30th, Duane had emergency surgery for a kidney stone, and bladder cancer was found. They were not able to get the stone, but did remove 3 tumors. Last Thursday, the stone was “zapped.” Efforts will continue to rid Duane of the cancer.

Micah is still in KC, working on a degree in engineering at DeVry University. He will head here for Christmas on the 24th. He’s still hard at work at Northland Cathedral.

Titus finished a new CD. He and Shannon moved to Portland, OR and will be married on August 8th. For those who like numbers, it will be 08/08/08. It is nice that they will have the ceremony near here in Sedona, AZ.

Rachel, Joe, Christopher, J.T., and Nathan Biesinger live in Salinas. Joe is an assistant manager of Long’s Drug Store in Morgan Hill. Rachel works for Pro Pack Systems, a company that makes machines to put codes on packages of vegetables, etc. Sheis the assistant operations manager.

Christopher is 14, J.T. is 4, and Nathan is 2. It’s hard to believe that J.T. will start school next fall.

Christopher is a freshman at Everett Alvarez High School. He is active in the high school program for police cadets. He’s doing well in school. The little guys really love their big brother! Both J.T. and Nathan are active in Awana at their church. J.T. calls us to recite his Bible verses. Nathan also likes to talk on the phone but Papa and I are not good at deciphering what he’s saying?! (Why is it that grandsons always want to talk to Papa? Grandmas don’t rate as high!)

This picture is from summer of 2007.

We’re hoping that the Christ of Christmas will live in your hearts. May God’s peace be yours in the New Year of 2008.

Much love,
Duane and Susan

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