Jack Rains

Jacks's Photo
Jack and Don Diego, Xmas 2007
Children Emily - 37
Jack Edward - 8
Don Diego - 4
Grandchildren Isaac - 7, Elizabeth - 3
Location Sangre de Cristo Mountains at 7,650 ft in North Central New Mexico
Hobbies Rendezvous. Read all about it.
Chores Remodeling our century old adobe.

Taking care of wife's ponies.

E mail jack@rains.org
Now living in an old adobe Presbyterian mission in the small hamlet of Holman in Mora County, New Mexico. Semi retired but busy restoring the adobe, raising Shetlands, and doing re-enactments at rendezvous. My main activity is being a full time Dad. With my first family, I worked and my wife stayed home as primary care giver. Now, with my second family, my wife goes to work and I stay home. It is sometimes better, sometimes worse, but certainly different. For more, visit http://rains.org. Be sure to see our Christmas letters.

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