In Memorium

Sandra Muntzel

Sandra B. Naugle (Muntzel) died May 14th, 1997 after a 1 year fight with cancer. She died at Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Washington. She was survived by one daughter, and one son, and five grandchildren and myself. Sandy loved to bowl and was a big Star Trek fan. She moved to Vancouver , Wa. in 1965, with her husband Russell Naugle and her two kids, where she worked and raised her family. In 1986 she came back down to Claremont, Calif. To take care of our mother who had been stricken with cancer and to start over after her divorce. She stayed by her mothers side until she died in August 1988. Sandy moved back to Vancouver, Wa. In 1990 where she could be close to her kids & grandkids. She worked at various jobs until her death. Sandy was cremated per her wishes.

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